prices for in clinic appointments 

We offer AFFORDABLE & ACCESSIBLE physiotherapy to ALL people in the community. 

An in clinic initial assessment is £55 for appointments booked from 9am up until 6.30pm and takes from 45mins to 60minutes.

Return  appointments in clinic are £55 (9am to 6.30pm).

Return in clinic  appointments before 9am or from 6.30pm onwards are £60

A treatment plan is available for an additional cost. Prices are from £15.Your treatment plan will  take into account your lifestyle, activities, and general health, by Michael, a Chartered Physiotherapist, and will be emailed to you.

There is an option of block booking packages for physiotherapy, if further treatment is required. 

Flexible time frame of 3 months to use sessions. (Physiotherapists discretion for extended time frame.)
☆Payment in full, once decided on package.
☆Beneficial for both acute and chronic conditions/injuries.

Letters to GP, and other healthcare professionals are also available at an additional cost.

MH physiotherapy also have virtual and over the phone physiotherapy consultations available, to ensure that physiotherapy is accessible to all people.

  • Virtual(via zoom) and over the phone physiotherapy consultations are available upon request. A home exercise plan can be emailed after the appointment.Please enquire for further details and pricing. 

  • Home visits available, please enquire for further details and prices.

We don't just want you to make you feel better, we want you to understand the process and why your treatment has worked.

To make a booking, or for more information on this, phone 07486 656 886 , pm us here, or email